Tour Divide 2011: Prep and the trip to Banff.

On July 1, 2011 by Nathan Jones

Well I’m back and alive from the aborted Tour Divide, time for the photodump/writeup attempt. You’re going to have to click them for better resolution I didn’t input them properly and I didn’t feel like reposting them all just to get a better thumbnail.

So here is the Surly all rebooted for 2011, the seatbag was new this year versus a pannier and trunk bag last year.

Here I am demoing possibilities for my USB solar panel.

The cockpit with handlebar mounted video camera.

Cruising the rented Impala somewhere through Idaho, en route to Banff.

Well that’s pretty.

Not bad for car shots.

And the mountains KEEP going.

Nearing sunset.


We arrived in Banff around 11:00 PM Mountain Time. This meant about a 4 hour car bivy before the race. Not exactly an ideal way to start a bike race across the country. But hey, 4 hours of sleep is better than none.

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