325 mile day ruminations

On January 6, 2013 by Nathan Jones

WVBioregionRoughly 4 years ago I started riding bikes on rides as long as I could stand in training for the 2010 Great Divide Mountain Bike Race.  I made a fairly successful crossing in 2010 and said I wouldn’t come back in 2011.  Well 2011 rolled around and I still had the bug to get back out there, this time attempting the slightly longer Tour Divide.  I rode it to nearly half way until a number of mental and physical setbacks took their toll and I withdrew.

Quitting something that you’d spent months planning for is never fun.  While at times I may regret my decision mildly to pull the plug on that last bike race, mostly I’m glad and have used the past year and a half to focus on what I please.  That focus has led me to the 325 mile day which I look to knock out some time in the upcoming months. Below is a map of that route, it’s an out and back starting in PDX. The route mostly consists of the 132 mile Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway.

And what ride would be complete without an elevation profile, read left to right, then back to the left. About 8,000 feet total.

So I’m doing this mostly for myself, but also to raise funds to build an industrial bike trailer. Check out the WePay. Basically, if I can get the funds for the wheels, the frame materials will be pretty inexpensive.


I’ve spent a lot of time training for this ride, the route that I’m riding is relatively car free. However the cities it passes through can be very unsafe in certain conditions. There are lots of ways we can improve paths for cyclists here in Oregon. The video below from Bikes Belong gives some good insight on how our cities could be designed.

I feel that my hometown of Portland, OR has what it takes to make better bike infrastructure like in the video above.  I hope that the construction of an a bike trailer makes it a little more evident to the vehicular traffic the necessity for bike specific space.  A trailer isn’t going to be the “be all and end all” of bike infrustructure but it’s a path to a better vision of the future.  If you are interested in helping fund this creation once again here’s the link to the WePay.

I will be doing delayed livestreaming of the big bike ride.

See you in the valley.


3 Responses to “325 mile day ruminations”

  • reuben

    I’d like to know more about this, especially your ideas about the bike trailer. I might be able to help. I think about bike trailers a lot. fix them. build them. design them. use them. For everything.

  • reuben

    Oh, and I’m also interested in your route. I used to bike from Portland to Salem and back a fair amount (not on the same day) but I’m quite out of practice. The last time I did it I hauled 200 lbs of irrigation pipe the last 20 miles on one of my trailers. We should compare notes sometime. Sorry I missed the event last night.

  • giroprotagonist

    Yeah, my plans are not very sketched out right now, basically I’m waiting for the cash, honestly I just want a big trailer that can hold a couple pallets worth of weight, not sure how to make the front pivot but looking for a simple design. I’m down to crowdsource, that is fo sho.

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