18. 02. 2014

Oregon Outback fail and bail!

Well that was fun albeit slightly disappointing.  I really think I’m more sore from sitting on the train for 16 hours than from actually riding but oh well.  I’ll do my best to...

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15. 02. 2014

The Oregon Outback, a Fat Bike, and February (K Falls, here I come!)

Who: Nathan Jones What: Bikepaacking When: Starting Saturday February 15th at 10PM until I’m finished Where: Along the Oregon Outback route, starting in Klamath Falls Why: Because bikepacking and fatbikes are awesome How:...

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04. 02. 2014

The Oregon Outback, a Fat Bike, and February

Well it’s the dead of winter in most parts of the US right now.  Oregon, which usually escapes severe cold, is expected to be largely subfreezing this week.  Here in Portland we’ve already...

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02. 10. 2013

Recap of Oregon Trans Am ITT

I’ve been working on doing this trans am race for a few years now and needed a big shakedown ride the year before.   I chose to race by myself across the Oregon...

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07. 08. 2013
honey bee

holy crap i’m going to race across oregon in a few days

View Progress So I’ve been needing to do a big long ride.   I’ve been stuck working on a seemingly never ending project for the past two years and had to do something,...

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26. 01. 2013

Triple Century Complete, Who Wants to Build a Trailer?

So the 325 mile day was reduced back down to 300 due to extreme weather, that was the original goal.  Unfortunately I was not able to ride the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway end...

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18. 01. 2013

325 Mile Day This Saturday, Help Support The Industrial Trailer Fund

What: Riding my bike 325 miles in one day Why:  To raise awareness of the need for dedicated and separated cycling infrastructure  To raise funds to build industrial weight capable bike trailers, please...

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08. 01. 2013

South Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway Scout Ride

After four rides on the northern part of the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway I finally decided it was time to see the southern part.  While I may be riding the whole thing in...

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06. 01. 2013

325 mile day ruminations

Roughly 4 years ago I started riding bikes on rides as long as I could stand in training for the 2010 Great Divide Mountain Bike Race.  I made a fairly successful crossing in...

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12. 07. 2011
Morning headshot

Tour Divide 2011: Day 5 (Ovando to Jefferson City)

Last I left off we had decided to spend the night at the Ovando school under a covered walkway. Around 4AM a massive wind started blowing, like a sort of tornado type weather...

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